“We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Travis Coleman, Matt Paul, and all the coaches at TPL for the tremendous impact they have had on our sons’ development and success over the past three years. It has been such a blessing to be a part of the TPL family. The memories and friendships made not only by our sons, Jackson and Gunnar, but by our entire family will always be cherished.
When we joined the organization in 2016, we had no idea the impact that it would have on our lives. This organization provided the opportunities to participate in high level competition and for exposure at every level. Their dedication and commitment to the kids is remarkable. The boys have significantly progressed in both the physical and mental components of baseball. We truly appreciate the way they coach the boys not only to be better baseball players but better men. We admire the way that they take a personal interest in each kid’s success regardless of ability level.
Travis and Matt have spent countless hours guiding us through the complex college recruiting process and the even more complex major league scouting process. Their knowledge and experience with college recruiting and MLB scouting have been invaluable to us. We can never thank them enough for their time and patience navigating us through these processes.
Our boys have also benefitted from the new elite, top-notch facility in Bessemer that offers a high level of training and enables players to maximize their tools. We are proud and honored to be a part of the TPL family and whole-heartedly recommend the program to anyone who wants to play baseball at the next level.”

Allen and Kerry Henderson

“TPL is a great organization and I am really truly grateful and blessed to say I was apart of it. It is not just about baseball. It is about family and brotherhood also. Coaches, players, and everyone else that is involved, carry themselves with a high-class manner. There are top notch coaches that have a lot experience and will always want what is best for you. It is truly a blessing to say that I am apart of a brotherhood that will be with me throughout my life, even past baseball.”

TJ Reeves ’18
University of Alabama Centerfielder

“What is TPL? Great question, TPL to me is a brotherhood, one big family. TPL teaches you about life on and off the diamond, it teaches you integrity, it teaches you comradery, and it also teaches you how to carpe diem, which means “seize the day”. The time and effort that Travis and Matt put into this family is amazing, they make sure everyone and I mean everyone is taken care of no matter what. If you want me to be honest they’ve been a blessing to me and my life ever since I joined there program. I can’t tell you how many times they gave me knowledge, encouragement, and motivation. I’m honestly just thankful for them because they had faith in me and gave me a chance and I promise they’ll do the same for others.”

AJ Stinson ’18
Alabama State University Pitcher

“I’ve played for Coach Travis and been apart of the Tpl family for 4 years now! The amount of effort and energy the program has put into shaping me and my teammates into better men and players is what every young player needs and should want! I’m lucky and grateful for all the love this program has showed in forming the player I am today!”

Michael Kilgore Freshman CF Lawson St JC

“Travis Coleman and the TPL staff mean the world to my family and I. As a 14 year old kid I had the dreams of playing college and professional baseball. However, I was not in a position where I was being recruited. I met Travis and he gave me every oppurtunity for exposure and development through TPL. On the 5 year journey with TPL I was able to move on to college baseball and have developed many lifelong friendships. TPL is the best baseball organization because of the family feel and the true development as a player.”

Blaine Smith Sophomore SS Samford University

“I first found out about TPL as a senior in high school, which is generally too late to be exposed. Around that time, I had decided to walk-on at LBWCC. Playing summer ball with TPL gave me the exposure that I needed, drawing interest from other coaches, and making connections with many players. Working out at the TPL facility during the off-seasons of my juco tenure helped prepare me for the next level. The TPL played a significant role in my success of making the Auburn Tigers spring roster. The TPL staff has a vast network of connections that has proven itself time and time again. I will continue to represent and advertise TPL, for it is truly the best program for high school and college players.”

Jackson Henderson

“TPL has been instrumental in the development of our son over the past four years. It has afforded him opportunities that he, otherwise, may not have been offered. Under the instruction of Travis Coleman, and other TPL coaches, our son has had the opportunity to attend events such as PG, Fort Meyers, Breakthrough Series, and East Coast Pro. In addition to the events, he has been recruited by college coaches and had the opportunity to work out, as well as, perform in front of MLB scouts. The amount of exposure to scouts and college coaches is due to the relationships that the TPL coaches have developed with other professionals in the world of baseball. We are thankful for all that TPL has taught our son through development and mentoring. Our son is now able to benefit from a college baseball scholarship and the foundation has been set, as well as, relationships built for him to one day make his MLB dreams a reality. As parents, we have built relationships with other TPL families, making the road trips a lot of fun. We consider it a blessing that our son has gained several brothers from the class of 2019 TPL team. We are glad to have had the opportunity to be part of the TPL family for the past four years. We are greatly appreciative for all of the time, effort, and energy shown towards our son and his teammates.”

Ken & Crystal Hall

“Although many men and women claim to be coaches, there are few times in the sports experiences of a child where they will have a true “coach.” Travis Coleman is truly a “coach” in every sense of the word.Our relationship with Travis began as a hitting coach for our son. He did great things with our oldest and eventually Travis would ask Blake to play on his championship-winning TPL team. As a coach, Travis demands excellence out of his players, and his players love and respect him enough to give him what he asks for. He doesn’t accept excuses and instead challenges his players to be the best they can be. As an instructor,Travis meets his students where they are and then moves them slowly into greatness. He has the gift of speaking their language and encourages them to work hard in order to be better. Travis doesn’t just demand excellence on the field; he also reminds his players and students that the same excellence is necessary in the classroom and in the real world. Travis does not limit his coaching to the boys. He has also been a wonderful coach and instructor for our daughter. He relates to softball players as easily as the baseball players. He also makes them want to be great and rewards their hard work with encouraging words and his contagious smile.Travis is also our friend. As parents, we have had many questions and concerns about everything from dealing with coaches to the college recruiting process. Travis has been with us and supported us as a family through the highs and lows of recruiting and college baseball. He has helped our daughter to become a better ballplayer and gain confidence at the plate and on the mound. He has even encouraged our other son to continue his academic pursuits and to strive to be great in the classroom. Travis Coleman is our coach, our friend, and a member of our family. He is hands-down the best coach for your child to help him or her become a better player and person.”

Doug and Shannon Petty