Elite Prospect Teams

We are at a tremendous point in our program and it is a very simple one-stop shop process. We have complied an impressive set of achievements from our outstanding athletes in the past 5 years. We have had over 200+ alumni now who have moved on to college or professional baseball.  23 MLB Draft picks, 21 High School All Americans,  2 MLB 1st Round Draft Picks, 3 Perfect Game World Wood Bat Event Championships, Multiple Tournament Championships & MVPs,  and many High School All-State selections. We have a strong core of current young players at all our divisions which range from 14U-17U. Our culture of excellence is very important to us and at the core of it is how we conduct ourselves as a whole in a first class/family manner.  All parents and players in the program are asked to support each young man, have fun, and allow us to do all of what we do.  Every event, practice, and game we schedule is very important.  We design it all to have maximum development, exposure, and reps for all our players.  Not attending any one thing can hurt your son and the team in the long run.  If you legitimately can not make it, we ask that you notify the coordinators so we can plan accordingly.  This program gives you all an opportunity to have a return on your investment down the line in the form of college scholarships/pro contracts etc as well as have a first class experience.  We are proven professionals and personally care about each player we have.  We focus on the end game (18 years old and beyond) so just trust our process and trust us to do what we do.  We got you. We have fun, promote our players, empower our players, compete at the highest level, and have our own swagger about our culture.  It is a fun ride, so sit back, support us, enjoy it, and GET IN THE LAB!